Meet me in the loom: home

Now weaving: camlet and harrateen
Setting up the loom for rugs

Meet me in the loom makes useful textiles that also nourish the senses.

Using little more than my hands and a very old barn loom, I weave fabric thread by thread. The loom's four vertical posts outline a cube that literally encompasses the weaver, and I invite you to “meet” me in that place of creativity.

From a whimsical purple wedding outfit to a blanket inspired by optical illusions, my work embraces the already futuristic visions of centuries-old textile technique. These pieces are practical, abberant, ritualistic, improvisational, loving, ecstatic, and for all my friends. Wholly unique and sometimes unexpected forms sprout out of my embodied dialogue with the fiber. And, by performing the meticulous logic of the web, articulated through rhythm and tension, I seek new surfaces of relation and signification, premised on interdependence, differentiation, and the choreographic poetry of gravity.

Please view past work for an overview of my recent practice, and get in touch for updates and commissions. Welcome to the loom!

Meet me in the loom is the studio of Rosemary Wexler, who started learning to weave after an epiphany. They go by several names, mostly other herbs, and are currently in residence at the Marshfield School of Weaving.