horizontal sunlight on a field of goldenrod. in the middle is a pair of pants draped over a wooden fence. the pants are mostly a dark navy denim, but the right thigh is a contrasting lime green. they are constructed like jeans. detail of the cloth, showing diagonal lines in the pattern that meet to make diamonds. a few black buttons comprise the fly. the warm sunset grazes the smooth, durable cloth. a blue pocket is folded over, showing the denim's green underside. the cloth in progress on an old wooden loom. from this angle, it has blue squares slightly contrasting with more green squares.

Hologram Pants

Utility pants for Max. Woven as an irregular herringbone denim (330gsm) in navy and lime green, with a turquoise stalk. Although uniform from above, the structure creates a holographic checkerboard effect when viewed at an angle. It shimmers as the cloth moves.