tallis folded over a branch in a sunny snowy forest the light drape of the tallis, with dappled sunlight on its smooth surface a corner of the tallis, with 4 strands of blue and green tzitzit coming through

Landscape Tallisim

A pair of tallisim, dedicated to Liv in loving memory.

They are made from smooth hand-dyed linen, with a crisp, airy, summery drape. The corners and atarah are mapped out minimally, traced out with a barely-there grid of thickened lines. These pieces measure 60" × 38" with fringe.

Tallis 29a, pictured here, has natural flax weft, so it almost glows when the light hits it.

BDS-friendly Custom Tallisism →

a darker tallis on a tree branch, floating from the wind tzitzit lying on sparkling snow, raked by shallow sunlight close-up of sheer texture


The second tallis includes darker blue weft that becomes green over the atarah. The brighter grid lines shimmer like rays of light. Two rows of staggered knots on the fringe.