rosemary seated on a piano bench in someone else's living room, with short green hair, wearing this full-body purple outfit the bow holding the front flap closed across the shirt the simple twill weave up-close, with perpendicular stripes of cyan, purple, and pale lilac the bottom edge of the shirt, just the unhemmed selvage

Outfit 1

“space circus”

Matching t-shirt and pants made from asymmetric cotton plaid. The fabric includes straight and zig-zag twill with stripes of purple, lilac, green, red, and blue. Shirt opens with a flap in front and a ribbon closure. Pants feature a roomy tool pouch. Tailored in collaboration with Claire Bergey of atelier 123456switch.

This project, my first on a floor loom, began as an exploration of 2/2 twill, playing with treadlings, warp end replacement, and supplementary weft. The task of assembling the pieces was all about listening to the cloth and letting it guide its own shaping.

I would be happy to make more pieces like this.